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Image by Kasturi Roy

Learn to paint abstract landscapes in watercolour

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About the course

learn to paint abstract landscapes paint 10 landscapes all video's in real time (no time lapses)  In this course you will learn how to paint in a loose and free way. we experiment and practice with our paints and you will learn how to create lots of different textures to create interest in your paintings.  we will combine different other materials with out paint to see what happens. There is space for mistakes and experimentation in this course. some results will be more pleasing than others but the most important thing is to have fun!  ​​ This course is for you:  if you feel inspired by nature If you would like to let go of perfectionism. if you want to try a new art style. If you want to learn new ways of using your watercolour paint if you want to build an art habit and create on a regular basis.  if you don't know where to start and you would like to paint as part of a creative community. if you are looking for a creative, fun and artful month. ​ What Materials Do I need?  As a minimum I would recommend: a HB sketch pencil, eraser and sharpener Watercolour brushes, a container for water, cloth and a palette.  Water based paint; gouache or watercolours and watercolour paper.

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