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Image by Kasturi Roy

Get comfortable with drawing faces

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About the course

Hi my lovely creative makers, In this course you will learn how to draw portraits. Drawing portraits can be daunting and a little intimidating. We will use an entire month (30 days) to practice with lots of different references and techniques and at the end you will be much more comfortable drawing a face. Don't worry if you do not complete the course within the 30 days, You can take as long as you need. In this course we will go through the basics of how to draw a portrait. we will start with looking at faces in general, practice different face shapes and look at proportions. Then we will look at shading and shaping and finally we will look at adding colour and how to create different skin tones. A lot of different style drawings will come by, some more realistic and some illustrated or cartoon like. This course is for you if: If you have always had a longing to draw people If you want to make drawing people part of your art practice if you want to build a drawing habit and create on a regular basis. if you don't know where to start and you would like to draw as part of a creative community if you are looking to make February a creative, fun and artful month. If you want to draw people but don't know where to start. What materials do you need for the course? During the course I will explore different mediums. I will sketch with pencil, ink and colour pencil and alcohol markers. There will be one portrait where I use charcoal and pencils. Although this is not a painting class I might use some watercolours in places to add colour to my sketches.

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