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Image by Kasturi Roy

Fill your first sketchbook in 30 days

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About the course

Hey there! 🎨 Welcome to our 30-day sketchbook journey! Over the next month, we'll be diving into the wonderful world of sketching. Why keep a sketchbook, you ask? Well, besides being a fantastic outlet for creativity, it's a space where you can freely express yourself and capture your thoughts and ideas. Plus, it's a ton of fun! Here's a sneak peek into the goodness we'll be exploring: 🌟 Improve Your Artistic Skills: No judgment here! Sketchbooks are your playground to practice, experiment, and enhance your artistic skills. Feel the freedom to sketch, shade, and draw without the fear of messing up. 🚀 Boost Your Creativity: Let your imagination run wild! Your sketchbook is a canvas for exploring ideas, brainstorming, and giving life to new concepts. Watch your creativity soar as you document your creative journey. 🌈 Stress Relief Galore: Life getting a bit hectic? Drawing in your sketchbook is like a mini-vacation for your mind. It's your personal art therapy session—express yourself, clear your mind, and stay focused on the joy of creating. Ready to fill those pages with artistic magic? Let's embark on this sketchbook adventure together! 🚀✏️ This course is divided into 4 weeks: 🎨 week 1: we will be sketching in pen, ink and pencil, starting to build this sketchbook habit 🎨 week2: we start adding colour, you can use pencils, markers, paint or crayons. 🎨 week 3: we will find inspiration in other great artists and learn from their work. remember to always give proper credit as artists work is their intellectual property. 🎨 week 4: in this week we will bring everything together. This course includes 30 days of recordings to watch and various bonus video's too.

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