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The Knitting and Stitching Show

Makings and Musings will Run an Online class this year

Knit your own Felted Slippers

Tutor: Irene de Jong

In this workshop you will learn the very basics of knitting whilst starting to make a funky pair of Norwegian style felt slippers. Irene will start with casting on and knitting in the garter stich. You will learn how to follow this very simple pattern for the slippers and how to assemble them once you finished your knitting. You will be given full instructions for the felting once the slippers are finished. Felting is a lot of fun and perfect for beginner knitters as any small mistakes will be hidden after the felting is completed. A kit is available, price £30, which will include two colours of yarn to make colour block slippers, knitting needles, a wool needle and instructions on how to assemble and felt your slippers.

If you are interested in the Kit - please email me before 1 November 2020 to allow time for your kit to be delivered to you. 

Contact me to order your felted slippers Kit
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Makings and Musings Limited


what our creatives say:

"The class was hugely enjoyable and informative. The teacher was very clear and helpful. I learnt much more than I had anticipated and came away with two paintings which I was pleasantly surprised at how they looked. The venue is above a pub and the room had a peaceful and cosy feel. Very suited to learning. I will definitely be going again."

"This was a fun and inspiring class - all materials were provided, along with plenty of inspiration, and no experience is necessary. I hadn't painted since school, but before I knew it Irene had me blending colours and creating a work I could be proud of.