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Makings and Musings Limited

We are at various locations in East London



 If you do not have charcoal at home you are welcome to join using crayons or (sketch) pencils. However, by using charcoal you can create really dark shadows that are difficult to duplicate using pencils and you will get most out of this workshop if you use similar materials to those that I use. 

*(I would receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase using these links)

ONline Class

Mindful Macrame

Hi my Creatives, 


We are taking all our workshops online!

In the first class we will make a basic Plant hanger together as shown in the picture. 


I have created a written tutorial which you can download for free from my website. It explains what knots we are using and it shows the pattern of the plant hanger. 


The class will have the same format as my 'in person' classes.

1) I will explain what materials we will be using

2) I will show the different techniques we will be using

3) I will paint the picture together with you and explain what steps I am taking and why.


During the live stream I will be able to read your questions and answer them using my own plant hanger as an example.

The main goal of this class is to relax and be creative. I promise I will not be talking about current events. This time is meant to be mindful and fun and anyone is welcome to join! 

I would really love to see the work you have all made in the class so if you would like to share them on social media using the hashtag #makingsandmusings please do so and we can all see each others work and support one another.

From today all Makings and Musings online classes will be freely available to all.

You are invited to make a voluntary donation if the class was of value to you.

freely available to watch- please sign in to view