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Exploring 20 Illustration Niches: Opportunities and Pathways to a Building a Successful illustration career

Exploring 20 Illustration Niches: Opportunities and Pathways to a Building a Successful illustration career

Are you an aspiring illustrator looking to carve out your niche in the dynamic world of visual storytelling? From children's books to editorial illustration, there's a wealth of diverse and exciting niches waiting to be explored. Join me as we dive into 20 illustration niches and discover how you can enter each one to unleash your creativity and make your mark in the industry.

Some of these niches I are areas I personally make a living from and others I have only dipped my toes in. If you read this on my website you'll know that I teach art classes and courses online. I also illustrate for books, magazines, green organisations and I paint in my studio on large canvasses. I have created pattern designs that have been used on products and created pet portraits in the past.

Although it suits my personality type to do lots of different things and I love using lots of different art mediums. Exploring all these different niches at once is not something I would personally recommend if you are starting out as an illustrator. If I was to start again from scratch I would do my research, choose one or two pathways and stick with those at least for a while.

I listed 20 illustration niches with a suggestion of how to start working in that niche, a few examples of successful artists in that Niche and some additional places to go for more info on the topic.

Exploring 20 Illustration Niches: Opportunities and Pathways to a Building a Successful illustration career
Exploring 20 Illustration Niches: Opportunities and Pathways to a Building a Successful illustration career

1. Children's Book Illustration:

  • Enter by: Developing a portfolio of whimsical characters, vibrant scenes, and engaging narratives that capture the imagination of young readers. Network with publishers, attend book fairs, and submit your work to agents specialising in children's literature.

  • Successful Artists: Oliver Jeffers, Emily Gravett, Mo Willems

  • Additional Resources: The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), Children's Book Council (CBC)

2. Editorial Illustration:

  • Enter by: Creating compelling visual interpretations of articles, stories, and editorial content for magazines, newspapers, and online publications. Pitch your ideas to editors, build relationships with art directors, and showcase your versatility and ability to meet tight deadlines.

  • Successful Artists: Christoph Niemann, Anita Kunz, Yuko Shimizu

  • Additional Resources: Association of Illustrators (AOI), Communication Arts Magazine

3. Character Design:

  • Enter by: Showcasing your ability to create memorable and distinctive characters for animation, gaming, branding, and merchandise. Develop a portfolio of diverse characters with unique personalities, traits, and backstories, and explore opportunities in entertainment and marketing industries.

  • Successful Artists: Glen Keane, Rebecca Sugar, Bobby Chiu

  • Additional Resources: Character Design References, Schoolism

4. Concept Art:

  • Enter by: Demonstrating your talent for visualizing ideas, concepts, and worlds for film, television, video games, and theme parks. Create mood boards, sketches, and digital renderings that bring imaginative concepts to life, and collaborate with creative teams to refine and execute visual concepts.

  • Successful Artists: Feng Zhu, Iain McCaig, Ryan Church

  • Additional Resources: Concept Art World, ArtStation

5. Storyboarding:

  • Enter by: Showcasing your ability to translate scripts, narratives, and ideas into sequential visual storytelling for animation, film, commercials, and interactive media. Develop a portfolio of dynamic storyboards that demonstrate your storytelling skills, pacing, and composition, and collaborate with directors and producers to bring stories to life.

  • Successful Artists: Peter Ramsey, Regina Pessoa, Guillermo del Toro

  • Additional Resources: Storyboard That, Animation Mentor

6. Comic Art:

  • Enter by: Creating engaging narratives, characters, and visual storytelling sequences for comic books, graphic novels, webcomics, and manga. Develop a unique art style, hone your sequential storytelling skills, and self-publish your work online or submit to publishers and digital platforms.

  • Successful Artists: Raina Telgemeier, Kazu Kibuishi, Jeff Lemire

  • Additional Resources: Webtoon, Comics Experience

7. Fashion Illustration:

  • Enter by: Showcasing your ability to capture the essence of fashion trends, designs, and aesthetics through illustration. Collaborate with fashion designers, brands, and publications to create illustrations for runway shows, lookbooks, advertisements, and social media campaigns.

  • Successful Artists: David Downton, Bil Donovan, Katie Rodgers

  • Additional Resources: Fashion Illustration School, Fashionary

8. Scientific Illustration:

  • Enter by: Combining art and science to visually communicate complex concepts, organisms, and processes for scientific research, education, and publications. Develop a strong foundation in anatomy, biology, and natural history, and collaborate with scientists, researchers, and publishers to create accurate and engaging illustrations.

  • Successful Artists: Ernst Haeckel, Emily Damstra, Franz Anthony

  • Additional Resources: Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, American Society of Botanical Artists

9. Botanical Illustration:

  • Enter by: Creating detailed and accurate illustrations of plants, flowers, and botanical specimens for botanical gardens, educational materials, and publications. Develop a keen eye for observation, study botanical anatomy and taxonomy, and explore opportunities in scientific research, publishing, and freelance commissions.

  • Successful Artists: Wendy Hollender, Sarah Simblet, Julia Trickey

  • Additional Resources: Botanical Artists' Circle, Botanical Illustration Course Online

10. Food Illustration:

  • Enter by: Capturing the beauty, texture, and flavors of food through illustrations for cookbooks, menus, packaging, and advertising. Develop a distinctive style that celebrates the artistry and diversity of culinary culture, and collaborate with chefs, food stylists, and brands to bring recipes and culinary experiences to life.

  • Successful Artists: Gretchen Roehrs, Maira Kalman, Joel Penkman

  • Additional Resources: The Gourmand, Illustrative Food Project

11. Pet Portraits:

  • Enter by: Creating custom portraits of beloved pets for pet owners, animal lovers, and pet-related businesses. Develop a portfolio of lifelike and expressive pet portraits, leverage social media to showcase your work and connect with potential clients, and offer personalized commissions and prints for sale.

  • Successful Artists: Lili Chin, Yvette Rose, Anna Danielle

  • Additional Resources: The Artful Pet, Pet Portrait Academy

12. Fantasy Illustration:

  • Enter by: Bringing fantastical worlds, creatures, and adventures to life through illustrations for fantasy novels, games, and media. Develop a distinctive style that captures the magic, mystery, and imagination of fantasy storytelling, and collaborate with authors, game developers, and publishers to create immersive visual narratives.

  • Successful Artists: John Howe, Brom, Victoria Ying

  • Additional Resources: Spectrum Fantastic Art, Muddy Colors

13. Medical Illustration:

  • Enter by: Creating detailed and accurate illustrations of human anatomy, medical procedures, and health concepts for medical textbooks, journals, and patient education materials. Obtain specialized training in medical illustration, develop strong communication and research skills, and collaborate with healthcare professionals and publishers to create educational visuals that inform and inspire.

  • Successful Artists: Frank Netter, Jennifer Fairman, William R. Davis

  • Additional Resources: Association of Medical Illustrators, Medical Illustration Source Book

14. Environmental Illustration:

  • Enter by: Using illustration to raise awareness, advocate for environmental conservation, and inspire action on pressing environmental issues. Collaborate with environmental organizations, NGOs, and publications to create impactful visuals for campaigns, educational materials, and multimedia projects that promote environmental stewardship and sustainability.

  • Successful Artists: Charley Harper, Ashley Cecil, Zaria Forman

  • Additional Resources: Artists for Conservation, Climate Visuals

15. Architectural Illustration:

  • Enter by: Creating detailed and expressive illustrations of buildings, landscapes, and architectural designs for architects, developers, and real estate professionals. Develop strong perspective drawing skills, study architectural styles and principles, and leverage digital tools and techniques to create realistic and compelling architectural visuals.

  • Successful Artists: Matteo Pericoli, Carlos Diniz, Maja Wronska

  • Additional Resources: American Society of Architectural Illustrators, Urban Sketchers

16. Hand Lettering:

  • Enter by: Combining illustration and typography to create custom lettering, signage, and branding designs for businesses, events, and products. Develop a unique lettering style, practice letterforms and composition, and collaborate with clients and brands to create bespoke hand-lettered designs that resonate with their audiences.

  • Successful Artists: Jessica Hische, Martina Flor, Seb Lester

  • Additional Resources: Lettering Daily, Hand Lettering for Beginners (book)

17. Game Art:

  • Enter by: Creating visual assets, characters, environments, and animations for video games, mobile apps, and interactive media. Develop a strong understanding of game design principles, digital art tools, and industry-standard software, and collaborate with game developers and studios to bring game concepts to life through captivating visuals and immersive experiences.

  • Successful Artists: Hironobu Sakaguchi, Jenova Chen, Akihiko Yoshida

  • Additional Resources:, Game Art Institute

18. Infographic Design:

  • Enter by: Using illustration to communicate complex data, information, and concepts in a visually engaging and accessible format. Develop strong graphic design skills, study principles of information design and visual communication, and collaborate with businesses, organizations, and publications to create informative and visually compelling infographics that inform and educate audiences.

  • Successful Artists: Nigel Holmes, Alberto Cairo, Stefanie Posavec

  • Additional Resources:, The Functional Art (book)

19. Tattoo Design:

  • Enter by: Creating custom tattoo designs and artwork for tattoo enthusiasts and clients seeking unique and meaningful body art. Develop a distinctive style that combines elements of illustration, symbolism, and personal expression, and collaborate with tattoo artists and clients to bring tattoo ideas and concepts to life on skin.

  • Successful Artists: Sasha Unisex, Dr. Woo, Kim Saigh

  • Additional Resources: Tattoo Artist Magazine, Tattoo Smart

20. Surface Pattern Design:

  • Enter by: Creating original patterns, motifs, and designs for textiles, wallpaper, stationery, and home decor products. Develop a versatile and cohesive design style, experiment with color, scale, and repetition, and collaborate with manufacturers, brands, and licensing agencies to license and produce your surface pattern designs for commercial use.

  • Successful Artists: Rifle Paper Co., Sarah Watts, Bonnie Christine

  • Additional Resources: Pattern Observer, Make it in Design

These are only some of the niches that you can work in as an illustrator and you don't have to stick with only one.

I have made illustrations in a variety of these niches however, if you create a portfolio, try and think of how the artwork that you share fits in with these and if there is overlap between niches.

Hope you found this useful!


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