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50 drawing theme ideas to fill your sketchbook for when you don't know what to draw

Sketching and drawing is a wonderful creative outlet that can bring a lot of joy and fulfilment. There are many different mediums you can use for sketching, including graphite pencils, charcoal, coloured pencils, markers, and pastels. Each medium has its own unique effects and can be used to create different styles of drawings.

To explore different drawing styles, try experimenting with each of the mediums to see how they feel and look on paper. For example, charcoal creates a soft and smudgy effect, while markers create a bold and vibrant look. You can also join some of my tutorials that can help you create different effects.

Making drawing and sketching a habit can be difficult, but there are several techniques that can help. Start by setting aside a certain amount of time each day for drawing. This could be just 10 minutes, but consistency is key. Also try to draw something you enjoy, like a landscape or a portrait of a loved one. Doing this can help motivate you to continue your practice. Additionally, look for drawing challenges or join one of my courses to help keep you on track.

Are you feeling stuck with your sketchbook and don't know what to draw?

Never fear! Here are 51 drawing theme ideas to fill your sketchbook, along with some tips on different sketchbook mediums, exploring different drawing styles, and making drawing and sketching a habit.

  • Draw something that you see in nature: a tree, a flower, a cloud, an animal, etc.

  • Draw something that you see in the city: a building, a street, a bridge, a sign, etc.

  • Draw something from a favourite movie or TV show.

  • Draw your favourite food.

  • Draw a self-portrait.

  • Draw your favourite hobby.

  • Draw a scene from a book.

  • Draw a famous historical figure.

  • Draw a mythical creature.

  • Draw a comic character.

  • Draw a dream you had.

  • Draw a scene from a dream.

  • Draw a scene from a nightmare.

  • Draw something inspired by a song.

  • Draw something inspired by a poem.

  • Draw something inspired by a painting.

  • Draw something inspired by a sculpture.

  • Draw something inspired by a photograph.

  • Draw a cityscape.

  • Draw an alien landscape.

  • Draw a robotic character.

  • Draw a landscape from your childhood.

  • Draw a character from a fairytale.

  • Draw a scene from a play.

  • Draw a celebrity.

  • Draw a famous monument.

  • Draw a musical instrument.

  • Draw something inspired by fashion.

  • Draw a historical event.

  • Draw a map of a fictional world.

  • Draw a scene from your favorite video game.

  • Draw an animal in an unusual pose.

  • Draw a still life.

  • Draw a food item in an unusual way.

  • Draw an abstract shape or pattern.

  • Draw an imaginary creature.

  • Draw a creature from a myth or legend.

  • Draw a figure from your imagination.

  • Draw a character from a story.

  • Draw a scene from a memory.

  • Draw a scene from a fantasy world.

  • Draw a scene from outer space.

  • Draw Hand lettered quotes

  • Draw Illustrated recipes

  • Draw Continuous line drawings

  • Draw Sketches On-the-go (in a tiny sketchbook that will fit in your bag)

  • Copy exercises of favourite artists

  • Draw Things around the house

  • Draw What you wore today

  • Draw a Map

  • Drawings from (old) family photos

Let me know which ones you have tried!


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