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Does art need to be 'meaningful'?

I wanted to write something about when art is 'meaningful' as I get a lot of questions about this.

Painting flowers:

We often feel as if art needs to have profound message. As if a painting of a flower in your garden is less meaningful than something with a deep political statement.

Perhaps you are the sort of person who fights the establishment, perhaps you have big political statements that you want to voice through your creations. That is great, please continue to do so, the world probably needs to hear what you have got to say.

However, the idea that this is the only reason to create is not valid and stops many people from pursuing a creative activity that they love.

Does art need to be 'meaningful'?

Although I completely recognise that art is an important medium to spread awareness and make a statement, the feeling that art is only worthy if it does that can be paralysing. Wouldn't it be sad, if instead of enjoying years of creating for fun, you would not make anything whilst you wait for that one idea for a great artwork to come to you? There is absolutely nothing (!) wrong with painting flowers if it relaxes you and gives you joy.

Even more so, painting flowers is great, nature is beautiful and I would recommend everyone to give this a try!

But I want to use my art to spread awareness!

Does art need to be 'meaningful
Does art need to be 'meaningful

I would always recommend to start creating for fun, for the enjoyment of it. As the more you create the easier it is to get inspiration.

It is funny how that works but it is really true. The more time you spent being creative to more creative ideas will come to you!

It is as if creativity attracts more creativity.

If you want to be a political poet and you don't know where to start, why not start with making poems about other parts of your life, with less pressure attached to it. I am sure your political voice will come out eventually.

If you want to create feminist paintings, why not start with painting full stop and find enjoyment in doing so. If you are a feminist activist at heart, ideas on how to add this topic to your art will come to you along the way.

Stop adding pressure and just have fun!

There are so many reasons to create and each reason is a valid as the others.

just to list a few:

Embrace the joy of creating art as a form of self-expression and personal fulfillment. Discover the therapeutic and uplifting power of artistic creation, where every brushstroke and pencil line becomes a celebration of your unique creativity. Dive into a world of colors, shapes, and textures, and experience the pure joy of making art. Unleash your inner artist and find happiness through the transformative journey of artistic exploration. Let your imagination soar and create art that brings joy to your soul.
make art for joy!

  • politics,

  • fun

  • relaxation

  • making money

  • connecting

  • spreading a message

  • anger

  • joy

  • practicing motor skills

  • mental health

  • etc.etc.etc.

So, Does art need to be 'meaningful? whatever your reason is to create, know that any reason is a good reason.

I hope you find time to be creative today.

love, Irene

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