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Inktober 2021

It is almost October and for many of us that means Inktober is around the corner.

I will be joining this challenge again this year and I invite you to join me and make a daily drawing in ink every day this month.

What is Inktober?

Inktober was created in 2009 by the artist Jake Parker

The challenge is focused on improving skill and developing positive drawing habits. Every day for the month of October anyone participating in the Inktober challenge creates an ink drawing and if you want you can posts it online using the hashtag #inktober.

Each day of October has a new prompt attached to it and the list for 2021 has just been released.

All you need to join is a pen (ink) and paper and as such the challenge fits in very well with my drawing with minimal materials classes. Some artist however, take Inktober much further and create very elaborate artworks. Some people like using colour, some people work digital.

Some people do lots of preparation prior to the challenge and make artworks along a certain theme or in a specific style.

I personally like to keep it simple and stick with inks (fineliner and brushpens being my medium of choice.)

Some people join by making an artwork once a week so if daily drawing does not fit into your life, you could consider joining that way.

How we can join as a group:

As we have such a lovely community of creators I will invite you to join Inktober with me this year. You can off course join the challenge independently too if you want but in my experience having a community around you that helps you to draw every day makes Inktober more fun.

I have created a specific group where we can share our artwork or where we can share tips on how to keep going, what pens to use, how to add shading to our artwork and how to fit this challenge into our lives in October.

I will also share my artwork for Inktober

It can be hard to draw every day for a month!

My tips for completing it successfully are:

  • Pick a sketchbook dedicated to Inktober with enough pages left for 31 drawings.

  • Pick your drawing materials beforehand and make sure they are ready to use each day.

  • Don't work too large, it is already hard to finish a drawing a day, and the larger you work the longer your drawing will take.

The last time I joined Inktober was in 2019 (as I was moving house last year)

These are some of the drawings I made that year.

Drawing every day for a month is hard and it can really change the way you create!

I have learned a lot by joining in the past and I look forward to joining again this October.

I hope the groups I created will help you join too.


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