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Creative Club

Fill your sketchbook with me

Theme Each week


Crystals and Gemstones


Fantasy Creatures




Farm Animals


Things around the house







Illustrated White Cats



Hi my Creatives, 


In these sessions we will explore different creative ideas on how to fill a sketchbook. filling sketchbooks is an amazing way to get inspired but often the white pages seem daunting and intimidating. no more! let's get together and fill these pages with colour, doodles, diary entries, quotes, paintings, drawings, cuttings and much more!


Each session I will try a new drawing/painting technique, use new materials and do exercises to get the creative juices flowing.

If you would like to use a specific medium let me know and I will try and include that in the session. I listed a range of different supplies underneath but please know that we wont need all of them at once. for example - if we create faces we can draw, paint, make paper cuttings or doodle and everyone can use supplies they have available that day.

The group is suitable for all levels and the goal is to get inspired and feeling fee to experiment in your sketchbooks!

The main goal of this class is to relax and be creative. I promise I will not be talking about current events. This time is meant to be mindful and fun and anyone is welcome to join! I would really love to see the pictures you have all made in the class so if you would like to share them on social media using the hashtag #makingsandmusings please do so and we can all see each others work and support one another.


The class will have the same format as my 'in person' classes.

1) I will explain what materials we will be using

2) I will show the different techniques we will be using

3) I will paint or draw or craft together with you and explain what steps I am taking and why.

During the live stream I will be able answer your questions.



We will be using a variety of materials in these sessions as this is our oppertunity to expiriment and try out new things! 

I will be using, pencils, markers, paint, pens, old magazines, peper currings, post it notes etc. 

if you would like to use a specific material, let me know and I will see if I can include that. 

These sessions are bing recorded but will for the time being they will not be shared on the Makings and Musings website. 

freely available to watch- please sign in to view

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Makings and Musings Limited


what our creatives say:

"The class was hugely enjoyable and informative. The teacher was very clear and helpful. I learnt much more than I had anticipated and came away with two paintings which I was pleasantly surprised at how they looked. The venue is above a pub and the room had a peaceful and cosy feel. Very suited to learning. I will definitely be going again."

"This was a fun and inspiring class - all materials were provided, along with plenty of inspiration, and no experience is necessary. I hadn't painted since school, but before I knew it Irene had me blending colours and creating a work I could be proud of.