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Image by Kasturi Roy

Painting landscapes in your own style

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About the course

You can now watch the first session of this course for free here: In this session we are painting clouds in watercolour. This landscape course will teach you how to paint landscapes in gouache or watercolours in your own style. I will show you what materials I am using and how I use them, how I set up my sketches, we will paint together from reference pictures and from nature itself and at the end of the course you will have the tools to start creating your own landscapes. Landscape painting is a wonderful way to explore the natural world around us. The whole earth can be your muse and inspiration. You do not need any experience to join in, the classes are broken down into simple steps and my main goal for the course is to get you to experiment with your materials, to have fun and to learn how to look with the eyes of an artist. Materials needed for the course: *watercolour paper *a set of gouache and/or watercolour paints *one or more watercolour brushes *a palette or plate *a cup for water *cloth or tissues to clean your brush with *colour pencils (optional) If you do one class a week you can finish the course in five weeks but there is no rush, you have six months to finish the course.

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