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I met so many people over the years who believe that they are not creative. 

What rubbish! I truly believe everyone is creative and I want to prove it!

Everyone is born creative, all children are full of ideas and creative energy and adults have this ability too. Creativity is a skill that may need some practice but, yes, we all have that creative energy inside us.  

I am a bit of an art material hoarder (yet that's me). In the creative community group I share  my ideas of how to use the many different materials that I have collected over the years.  Whether you are an art materials collector like me or you start out with a clean slate, you are welcome here. 

Perhaps you are looking for some ideas on where to start journalling? - I have got you! Or maybe you are looking to finally learn how to use gouache - yes, I am there for you too.  Paper collaging, watercolour florals, ink doodles or marker animals, all topics will be covered in this community. 

If you would like more creativity in your life, join our community today! 

Join my Makings and Musings creative community and start your creative journey today. 

Share the art you made, receive feedback, join one of my one-to-one creative mentoring sessions, learn about different materials and connect with creatives from around the globe. 

The Makings and Musings Community is for all creatives. Fresh starters or seasoned artists, everyone is welcome here. 

Let's create together and inspire each other. 

Image by Chris Montgomery

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Share the art you have made

This Creative Community Gallery is the perfect place to find the support and encouragement you need on your creative journey. You can view each others creations here and share your own. 

Image by Ryan Howerter

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