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Painting Course:
Illustrate Birds In Gouache

  • drawing, sketching and painting 

  • in your own time

  • 10 full video tutorials + extras

  • step by step sketch templates of each bird

  • all video's in real time, no time lapses

  • learn 'flat' gouache illustration

  • you will create 10 bird illustrations to add to your portfolio

  • learn painting in gouache

  • fun and vibrant style

  • share your art for feedback 

Gouache painting of a bird for the course: Illustrate birds in gouache. Dive into the world of avian art with our 'Illustrate Birds in Gouache' course, covering drawing, sketching, and painting at your own pace. Enjoy 10 full video tutorials, step-by-step sketch templates for each bird, and real-time videos without time lapses. Explore 'flat' gouache illustration, creating 10 vibrant bird illustrations to enhance your portfolio. Learn the art of painting in gouache in a fun and dynamic style. Share your creations for valuable feedback, adding a collaborative touch to your artistic journey.

For only £90 you will paint 10 birds with me. 

you will get access to 8-12 hours of video material.  

This course is for you: 

  • If you have always wanted to try gouache

  • If you love birds and want painting wildlife part of your art practice

  • if you want to build a drawing habit and create on a regular basis. 

  • if you don't know where to start and you would like to draw as part of a creative community

  • if you are looking for a creative, fun and artful month. 

  • Do I need to be good at drawing to join?
    I made this course to be suitable for all levels. 
    If you are new to the arts there are sketch templates to follow for each bird and you can even paint directly into them if you print them out. 

    If you are a little more experienced you can try sketching freehanded and if you are a pro you will have a selection of paintings in a unique style to add to your portfolio. 

    Why Birds

    I love watching birds, they are so delicate, come in so many different colours and they are an endless source of inspiration! 

    Irene in the process of painting. Learn the art of painting in gouache, exploring a fun and vibrant style.

    how the month will go

    30 days long you will receive a video tutorial every 3 days. this will give you plenty of time of making your painting before the next video arrives.  

    on day one you will get immediate excess to your first bird painting and the introduction video's.

    a painting of a bird with the text: Paint 10 birds in gouache. 'flat illustration'.

    Painting in gouache is fun and you can do it too

    What my creatives say

    What Materials Do I need? 

    The materials I reccomend for the course are: 

  • a HB sketch pencil, eraser and sharpener

  • A set of gouache paint 

  • a sketchbook or loose paper suitable for watercolour painting (minimum 190 gsm) 

  • one or more watercolour brushes 

  • a palette or plate 

  • a cup for water 

  • cloth or tissues to clean your brush with 

  • You can find my favourite art materials in the FAQ

    If you would like to draw as part of a fun and inclusive group, why not check out the Makings & Musings Community. 

    In the community we draw and paint together twice a month, you will find art tutorials and lots of inspiration. 

    The community is perfect if you want to experiment with materials, if you are looking for a reason to make time for art and it is the perfect place to share your work in a safe non-judgemental environment!


    Hands on approach

    I love a no-nonsense approach to art as the best way to learn is by creating.

    we start with quick sketches and I invite you to paint along from the start. 


    My goal is to get you comfortable with drawing as the more you draw, the easier it gets.  

    You will learn a technique that you can later use for other artworks! maybe even to paint birds you photographed yourself! 

    How does it work?

    During the course you can see what I do as if you are looking over my shoulder. I explain each step I take and you can see exactly what movements I make. 

    If you sign up today you will immediately have access to the day one painting plus all introduction video's. As I do not want to overwhelm you with video's you will get access to a new session every  few days after for 30 days. 

    Share your work

    after each session I ask you to share your artwork with me, if you do that in the course I am the only person who will see it and I can give feedback if you like.  

    You can also share your artwork in the discussion group where all course participants can see it. (This may sound scary but it's a great step towards sharing your artwork with the world eventually if that's something you want to do.)

    a painting of a bird in gouache. Explore the world of gouache painting, a versatile medium that offers a range of benefits for artists. Gouache provides versatility in application—achieving opaque or watercolor-like effects. Known for its opacity, it allows for effective layering and coverage. The matte finish it dries to creates a unique aesthetic. Gouache is reactivatable with water even after drying, facilitating corrections. Its suitability for illustration work is attributed to vibrant colors and the ability to create flat, solid areas. The fast drying time makes it convenient for artists who prefer quicker results, and its portability adds to its appeal. With gouache, artists can easily layer colors, enabling the creation of intricate details. Consider exploring gouache for its unique blend of characteristics, offering a delightful painting experience.
    plumbeous water redstart sketch template. the template is used to help set up a sketch during the course. 10 full video tutorials, including extras for a comprehensive learning experience.
Step-by-step sketch templates for each bird, enhancing your creative process.
Real-time videos, ensuring clarity with no time lapses in your learning journey.
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