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Collage Illustrations: Creative Art with Pre-Painted Papers

  • Create colourful illustrations without needing drawing skills

  • step by step guidance

  • perfect for those new to illustration

  • Learn to create textures

  • Florals

  • Landscapes 

  • Animals

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Community members always get 20% discount to my courses

Course set up: 

The course will be a mix of pre-recorded classes and as I usually do there will be a number of live sessions on zoom for those first participants of the course and these will be added to the course as bonus sessions for those joining later. 

Do I need to be good at drawing to join?

you don't need any drawing experience. This course contains very little sketching, we will create each illustration together (step by step) and there is lots of room for experimentation and learning! 

Why collaging?

Why Collaging?

Using collage to create illustrations is a fantasic way to create a bold and colourful illustrations style for various reasons: 

  1. We will not sketch- you can join in and create beautiful art with very limited drawing skills which means collaging is great for beginners!

  2. By cutting and tearing your paper you will create bold shapes that stand out imidiately! it gives a specific clear look to your artwork that is hard to archive when painting and drawing directly.

  3. before gluing your collage you can move your papers around and try a variety of compositions. This really helps visualising your final piece. 

colourful and fun

In the course we will :

prepare a selection of collage papers by painting them in various colours. We will create texture and abstract shapes

we will then tear and cut these papers into smaller shapes

With these collage papers we will create a selection of artworks. 

  • first we will create floral shapes

  • in the second part of the curse we will create animal illustrations

  • finally we will create a landscape illustration

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What my creatives say

What Materials Do I need? 

We will use a selection of different art materials and there is quite a lot of freedom to change things up. 

You will need

  • papers - a selection of different type papers works great. You can even include non-art paper such as newspaper or magazines. 

  • Paint - I will use watercolour paint 

  • scissors and/or a craft knife and cutting board 

  • paper/craft glue

you can use a sketchbook or loose paper as a base to add your collage illustrations to. 

If you would like to draw as part of a fun and inclusive group, why not check out the Makings & Musings Community. 

In the community we draw and paint together twice a month, you will find art tutorials and lots of inspiration. 

The community is perfect if you want to experiment with materials, if you are looking for a reason to make time for art and it is the perfect place to share your work in a safe non-judgemental environment!

It is the perfect opportunity to fill more sketchbook pages! 


Hands on approach

I love a no-nonsense approach to art as the best way to learn is by creating.

I invite you to paint along from the start. 

You can pause, rewind and restart the video's as much as you need but I think you find that you can paint along with me quite easily. 

How does it work?

During the course you can see what I do as if you are looking over my shoulder. I explain each step I take and you can see exactly what movements I make. 

If you sign up today you will immediately have access to the day one drawing plus all introduction video's. 

Share your work

I have created a new (private) facebook group where you can share your work and ask for feedback. 

You can also share your work with me on social media when you tag me in your posts and stories. You can find me @makingsandmusings. 

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