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Image by Kasturi Roy

Loose Spring Florals & Colourful Bouquet Painting

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About the course

Course: Loose Spring Florals & Colourful Bouquet Painting For who: This course is perfect if you want to become more comfortable with watercolours. We will use mixed media but watercolours are the main material we will use. If you want to create loose illustrations, If you love flowers If you are ready for spring Art Materials needed: Watercolour paper watercolour paint Palette, brushes, water & cloth other art materials of your choice to add to your watercolours (colour pencils, watercolour parkers, pens, ink, fineliners, crayons etc.) The course will has 9 modules Module 1- Introduction & Materials Module 2- practice different petal and leave shapes Module 3 - using these shapes to practice different flowers Module 4-7 - Painting four full bouquets module 8-9 Bonus sessions: two session recordings Each module comes with some information & a video to watch. Each module takes about 30 minutes to complete and off course you can rewatch, pause and forward the video's as many times as you like. The bonus live recordings are longer and recorded live with the first group of course participants. You can complete the course in a weekend but as you keep access to all materials you can spread it out over a longer period too. You can watch an introduction to the course here:

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