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learn how to paint with watercolour, sketchbook events for adults

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How to draw in a sketchbook, art classes and courses for beginenrs


Irene Ruby

I was not always a full-time artist, in fact, for years I worked in a corporate job and barely made any art at all. 

It all changed after my grandmother left me her art materials when she passed and I started to paint as a way to work through my grief. 

Painting by painting I started to feel better and slowly the idea of Makings and Musings started to take shape.

Making art has had such a positive impact on my life and I love how though Makings and Musings I can share this experience with others! 

Jump to today

What is Makings and Musings?

Makings and Musings is build on the idea that EVERYONE IS CREATIVE and that it is never too late to start jour art journey! 



With Makings and Musings I offer online courses and in my online community we paint and draw together 4x a month on zoom (plus you will find lots of other extra's there). 

You can also book me to teach a workshop on location, in your office or in my studio in Cambridge (UK).

Virtual Creative workshops 

I can run all of my workshops virtual, using my own zoom account or logging in to yours. 

Since the start of the pandemic I have hosted over 1000 art classes online.

I use two cameras during each class, one so participants can see me and one on my artwork. This way everyone can follow my tutorials step by step and even absolute beginners can paint or draw a beautiful artwork this way.

Mindful Creativity,

Personal Art Classes
Visual events

My personal journey as an artist

I make complex ideas visual

In my artwork I explore complex ideas and visualise them in a way that makes them easy to understand. 

Sometimes that means my art shows a rare disease in a new light, sometimes that means I illustrate a children's book about a premature born baby. Large themes that I explore are healthcare, the environment, climate change, feminism and colonialism. I aim to create visuals that are both serious as well as lighthearted.

Over the years, I've had the privilege of working with a variety of green and social businesses, creating illustrations that highlight their eco-friendly and socially responsible values.

My work has been used to illustrate PHD dissertations , books, websites, editorials and presentations.

When I start a new project always stop and think about what medium would suit the assignment best. 

I work mostly traditional. Some artworks require the soft feel of colour pencil and others work best in watercolours. On occasion I use digital mediums. 

You can find examples of my work here:

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