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30 day Course:
Get Comfortable Drawing Faces

  • learn to draw portraits

  • 30 day course

  • you keep access after

  • Five large portraits in colour pencil, watercolour and charcoal

  • lots of small tutorials

  • step by step sketch templates

  • all video's in real time (no time lapses) 

  • let go of perfectionism and start drawing

Colour pencil portrait drawing. Embark on a transformative artistic journey with our course 'Get Comfortable Drawing Faces.' Designed for beginners, this course is your gateway to portrait drawing, starting with loose sketches and guiding you to confidently paint full portraits. Perfect for those with minimal drawing experience, join us as we demystify the art of portraiture, empowering you to bring faces to life on paper. Start your portrait drawing adventure today and discover the joy of creating expressive and detailed facial portraits.

For only £75 you will learn all the basics of portrait drawing 

That is only £2.50 per course day, and you will get access to 15-20 hours of video material.  

and if you don't complete the course in the 30 days, don't worry. You will keep access to all video materials. 

I love it when people share their art with me and I will give feedback when you ask for it. 

Learn to draw people's faces


This course is for you: 


  • if you avoid drawing people but would really like to feel confident. 

  • If you have always had a longing to draw portraits.

  • If you would like to let go of perfectionism.

  • if you want to try a new art style.

  • If you want to make drawing people part of your art practice.

  • if you want to build a drawing habit and create on a regular basis. 

  • if you don't know where to start and you would like to draw as part of a creative community.

  • if you are looking for a creative, fun and artful month with 30 drawing prompts. 

  • If you want to draw people but don't know where to start. ​


Do I need to be good at drawing to join?

The course starts really easy, no prior experience needed but the four larger portraits are a little harder and it helps if you have some drawing experience there. 

If you are completely new to art, I would recommend to check out my Sketchbook course which introduces you to different mediums and helps you when you first get started. 

What are we making?

In this course you will learn how to draw portraits.

Drawing portraits can be daunting and a little intimidating.  We will use the entire month to practice with lots of different references and techniques and at the end you will be much more comfortable drawing a face. 

Watercolour portrait painting. Embark on a journey to master portrait drawing with our course, 'Get Comfortable Drawing Faces.' Tailored for beginners, this course guides individuals with little drawing experience to confidently create portraits. From loose sketches to painting a full portrait, elevate your artistic skills step by step. Start your portrait drawing adventure today!

From Doodle to portrait

30 days long you will receive a drawing prompt in the shape of a video, a tutorial or a reference picture.  we start really simple by making doodles and just getting familiar with the human face and slowly we progress towards painting and drawing full portraits. we will also practice drawing eyes, noses, ears and mouths and by the end of the course you will feel much more confident drawing faces. 

Portrait doodles, warm up exercise for the course, get comfortable drawing faces. Unlock your portrait drawing potential with 'Get Comfortable Drawing Faces,' a beginner-friendly online course. Perfect for those with little drawing experience, this transformative journey begins with loose sketches and culminates in the art of painting a full portrait. Start your portrait drawing adventure today!
A charcoal portrait, one of the larger portraits from the course: get comfortable drawing faces. Transform your drawing skills with 'Get Comfortable Drawing Faces,' an online course tailored for beginners seeking to dive into portrait art. Perfect for those with little drawing experience, the course guides you from loose sketches to painting a full portrait, building confidence along the way. Join us on this artistic journey and discover the joy of bringing faces to life with your newfound skills.

With a little Help
You can Draw

What my creatives say

What Materials Do I need? 

Part of the course is experimenting with different materials. You do not need to have all the materials that I use and feel free to try using other materials if you have these already. 

As a minimum I would recommend:

  • a HB sketch pencil, eraser and sharpener

  • a ballpoint pen 

  • drawing paper.

  • For the four large portraits I use colour pencils, watercolour paint and charcoals. 

    For the watercolour portrait I would recommend using watercolour paper as normal drawing paper usually damages easily when using with wet mediums. 

    You can find my favourite art materials in the FAQ

    If you would like to draw as part of a fun and inclusive group, why not check out the Makings & Musings Community. 

    In the community we draw and paint together twice a month, you will find art tutorials and lots of inspiration. 

    The community is perfect if you want to experiment with materials, if you are looking for a reason to make time for art and it is the perfect place to share your work in a safe non-judgemental environment!


    Hands on approach

    I love a no-nonsense approach to art as the best way to learn is by creating.

    we start with quick sketches and I invite you to draw along from the start. 


    My goal is to get you comfortable with drawing faces, as people are a never ending source of inspiration!  My hope is that you will carry on drawing people after you have completed this course and that I help you finding your own creative voice in the process. 

    How does it work?

    During the course you can see what I do as if you are looking over my shoulder. I explain each step I take and you can see exactly what movements I make. 

    If you sign up today you will immediately have access to the day one drawing plus all introduction video's. As I do not want to overwhelm you with video's you will get access to a new session every day after for 30 days. 

    Share your work

    after each session I ask you to share your artwork with me, if you do that in the course I am the only person who will see it and I can give feedback if you like.  

    You can also share your artwork in the discussion group where all course participants can see it. (This may sound scary but it's a great step towards sharing your artwork with the world eventually if that's something you want to do.)

    A sketchbook page with in drawings of various faces. Unlock Portrait Mastery: Enroll in 'Get Comfortable Drawing Faces,' an Online Course for Beginners. From Loose Sketches to Full Portraits, Build Confidence in Your Artistic Journey.
    a sketch template example to help you set up your portrait sketch during the course: get comfortable drawing faces. Embark on an artistic journey with 'Get Comfortable Drawing Faces,' an online course tailored for beginners eager to delve into portrait drawing. Designed for those with minimal drawing experience, the course begins with loose sketches and guides you through the process, culminating in the creation of a full portrait. Develop your skills, gain confidence, and bring faces to life on your canvas. Start your portrait drawing adventure today!
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