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Online Creative Workshops

From today all Makings and Musings online classes will be freely available to all our site members.

You are invited to make a voluntary donation if a class was of value to you.

If you would like to know why I made this decision,

head over to my blog here where I explain why I believe a gift economy is right for Makings and Musings now.

Mindful Watercolour Painting

Live Streams-
Each Monday- 5pm
Each Thursday - 3pm
we are painting a different reference photo each class
Sign in to watch any class, whenever suits you! 

Mindful Crochet

& Amigurumi

Crochet is fun, hip and easy to learn. It is a great craft to practice at home.
Coming Soon.
Sign in to watch any class, whenever suits you! 


Colour Pencil


Let's Explore this childhood favourite - Colour Pencils - Together. 
Sign in to watch any class, whenever suits you! 




Live Streams-
Each Sunday- 12 noon
Each Friday - 12 noon
we are drawing a different reference picture each week
Sign in to watch any class, whenever suits you! 


Creative class

for kids

We Read and Illustrated: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Ronja the Robber's daughter  &  Scenes from Harry Potter and lots of other children's classics.
Sign in to watch any class, whenever suits you! 

Mindful Musings

guided sessions

Close your eyes or watch the calming video whilst focussing on being in the present moment
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& Knotting

Macrame a Planthanger online now! 
Download our
FREE macrame worksheet
Sign in to watch any class, whenever suits you! 




Learn to make beautiful drawings whilst using
only Pen and Paper.
Sign in to watch any class, whenever suits you! 


sketchbook Club

Join our Creative club over Zoom and find inspiration to fill your sketchbook! 
Sign in to watch any class, whenever suits you! 


If you prefer doing your online classes  on live stream, there is good news, I will now be running online classes on Zoom too. 

You can either book on Obby or click above on the class of your choice where I will be posting my zoom teaching  schedule.  

All Videos

freely available to watch- please sign in to view

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Makings and Musings Limited


what our creatives say:

"The class was hugely enjoyable and informative. The teacher was very clear and helpful. I learnt much more than I had anticipated and came away with two paintings which I was pleasantly surprised at how they looked. The venue is above a pub and the room had a peaceful and cosy feel. Very suited to learning. I will definitely be going again."

"This was a fun and inspiring class - all materials were provided, along with plenty of inspiration, and no experience is necessary. I hadn't painted since school, but before I knew it Irene had me blending colours and creating a work I could be proud of.