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Makings & Musings

My art, illustration portfolio, creative space and workshop studio.


Studio space

I am very lucky as I have two studio spaces. 

One space at home where I film my courses and community sessions.

I also work from my studio space at Together Culture in Cambridge where I host 1to1 sessions, group events and workshops. 


Illustration portfolio

I I Illustrate for green and social organisations, books and magazines. Find previous work in my portfolio.

Illustration for Green Initiatives: A vibrant and impactful artwork capturing the essence of sustainable practices, designed for environmental organizations striving for positive change in the heart of London and Cambridge. Explore the visual narrative of eco-conscious actions and a commitment to a greener world.
Artwork for science research and PHD thesis


On my easel

I make large canvas paintings and other originals . 

I take occasional commissions and you can purchase my work at open studio's in Cambridge or occasionally on my website. 


Art Prints

You can find giclée prints of my work at INPRNT

A feminist painting for body positivity in a living room
the book, Matzah means so many things, illustrated by Irene Ruby. The front of the books shows to children sitting together eating Matzah


Books and Magazines

I also illustrate for books and magazines. 

For illustration enquiries, please contact me.

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