Makings & Musings Illustrations

By Irene Ruby - Illustrator and Mindful Art teacher



Hi, My name is Irene Ruby! 

Thank you for having a look at my portfolio. 

You can see that I like to work in a few different styles.

Some of my work is digital, often combined with traditional mediums. 

I like to combine the magical with the mundane and my work has an overall positive vibe.

I find inspiration in fairytales and folklore and I see the beauty in the objects, animals and activities of daily life. 

I have illustrated various children's books, my work has been used on products and for websites and I illustrate live at events. I love working with sustainable businesses and socially engaged organisations. 

If you are looking for an illustrator,

please email me with an outline of what your project is,

your budget, timeline and what it is you are looking for.

I am always happy to have a chat. 

Warm wishes,