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New Years Resolutions

It is the end of January already and 2021 has started very grey. I have tried my best to bring lots of colour and joy into the world by painting vibrant flowers and landscape scenes full of positivity.

If you, like many of us are finding this time of year hard, remember there is light on the horizon. The days are getting longer, snowdrops are popping out of the ground and I have lots of creative classes lined up for you all!

My Sunday drawing group has became a place of comfort where between drawing Lions, dancers, still lives and owls there is space for a chat and finding some connection with other creatives all over the globe.

On Thursdays we draw together with minimal materials. I love it when people who never created a drawing before pick up a pen and find a new way to express themselves on paper. This is also my most popular workshops for teams and groups, as everyone can join in without purchasing art materials first.

In January last year I made a number of resolutions, points to focus on for the year to come. They included getting my driving license (which I did not do), Growing my own vegetables (which I did do with mixed success) and building Makings and Musings into a sustainable business that I can make a living out of. My business mission was, and still is, to help busy people find their creative flow though mindfulness and art. That that would mean doing my classes all online and building out an illustration business as well was something I did not foresee. That I managed to run all my classes on a pay what you can basis and that way could allow anyone to join my classes was something that I could only dream of a year ago.

Did I make new years resolutions for 2021 you ask?

I did, but they are of a more gentle nature this time around.

In 2021 I want to practice gratitude and generosity. I want to spend time outdoors and breathe in fresh air. I want to make lots of art and not worry if others like what I make. I want to be the person that I personally would like to spent time with (as let's be fair, we still have to spent a lot of time in our own company going forward right, lockdown or no lockdown).

I hope you are all well and making sure to make some time for yourself. Even if it is only a few minutes a day. Take a deep breath and check in.

Wishing you all a mindful and creative year and hope to see you soon!


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