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I believe that everyone is creative and that anyone, of any age or background can draw! 

With Makings & Musings I have taught over 500  painting and drawing classes and 1000's of creatives to take their first steps on this art journey. 

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Bring some creativity into your life with my Painting and drawing tutorials

I share weekly art video's and tutorials on youtube 

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Art classes and courses

Hi there, my name is Irene and I am the founder of Makings & Musings.

With Makings & Musings I run art classes, host online courses and my illustrations have been used for articles, products and books. I create illustrations that are colourful and that tell a clear story in both digital and traditional mediums.


Many people that I teach believe they are not creative and they are nervous about starting to draw and paint by themselves. I want to show them that everyone is creative at heart, and that everyone can draw, all it takes is a little practice and confidence. Truly, when you try you can achieve so much more than you may think! With Makings & Musings I have built a creative community where people feel free to learn, connect, experiment and find inspiration in one another. I vlog about my life and work on Instagram, YouTube and I write a monthly newsletter full of creative tips, share behind the scenes of Makings & Musings and art tutorials.


A little more about me: I did not always work in the creative industry.

In the summer of 2019 I made a huge and scary decision. A life changing decision. I quit my well-paid job in the city to start my own creative business. Although there were many things I loved about working in the big city, I always knew that my real passion is art.

Painting, drawing, sketch-booking, journaling, colour pencils, markers, paint or charcoal, I love working with all crafts and materials and I thrive when I can help others find their creative spark!


I am looking forward to drawing with you soon!

Irene ​

Creative workshops for groups

Makings & Musings hosts creative events for team building events, conferences, birthdays or do's. 

I can run painting or drawing classes and I have a number of package options available to tailor to your event. 

Workshops can take place virtual or in-person. I am based close to London and I am happy to travel for an event.

You can find more information about my group events here. 


How it started

Virtual and In-Person Art classes 

Before I became an art teacher and a full time illustrator I worked in a corporate job. However, I found painting again after my grandmother passed and art helped me though this period of grief.


In 2019 I quit my job and started Makings & Musings to teach others how to use art for relaxation and stress relief. 

learning to paint at Makings & Musings

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  • watercolour painting courses
  • pen drawing basics
  • Online art classes​
  • Art workshops for adults
  • Virtual team building activities