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Makings & Musings

Welcome to my colourful world

Hi, I am Irene (iy-REH-Nuh),

green Illustrator & art teacher

I draw every day and teach others to do the same

Upcoming Events

  • Online COURSE: Collage Illustrations: Creative Art with Pre-Painted Papers
    Online COURSE: Collage Illustrations: Creative Art with Pre-Painted Papers
    This is the pre-sale for the course: Collage Illustrations This course embraces the beauty of collage art using pre-painted paper pieces. It's perfect for artists and enthusiasts looking to explore new textures and compositions, while crafting personal and evocative illustrations.
  • Topic TBA Event is free for Creative Community Members (a membership starts at £15 per month)
  • Watercolour Week - for community members only
    Watercolour Week - for community members only
    WATERCOLOUR WEEK - community members only One week to fill a sketchbook with watercolour landscape paintings 5 live sessions on zoom I will share my progress in the community every day paint along and really get to know this art material.
  • online COURSE: learn to draw wildlife in colour pencil
    online COURSE: learn to draw wildlife in colour pencil
    Membership Offer
    Date and time is TBD
    In this course you will learn in easy to follow steps how to draw wildlife portraits in Colour pencils. I will help you with setting up your sketch and We will focus on drawing scales, fur and feathers. The course includes recordings and live sessions on zoom



deep dive into a specific artistic skill with one of my online drawing or painting courses. There is plenty to choose from. Watercolour painting, charcoal drawing, markers, pencils, portraits, landscapes or abstracts. Pick your favourite subject and get started straight away.


Drawing and painting together with a group of other creative individuals. Join the online live events or watch all content back in your own time. The online community is the creative push you need to start your sketchbook practice and build that creative habit!


You can often find me drawing and painting live at events. Hosting a demo or workshop, talking about creativity, creating a mural or canvas on location. I thrive on the mix of chatting and painting!


I help green organisations, articles and books stand out with impactful handmade illustrations.


This happens time and time again.

People come to me and say: “ I am not creative, I cannot even draw a stick man”

and then a few weeks later I receive a message saying something along the lines of: “My live has changed, I love making art now. I used to be so scared of doing it wrong but now I am proud of my paintings and drawings!”


My point is, drawing and paintings are skills that everyone can learn! Drawing is not a magical talent that only a select few have, with a little practice and dedication you can learn to draw too!


Try a FREE Class

Discover your artistic side  in my Creative Community or in one of my courses.

Join our community live sessions on zoom and  immerse yourself in the world of art.


Choose from a variety of classes, including colour pencil drawing, watercolour painting, charcoal drawing or mixed media illustration, and start exploring new techniques today!

colourpencil flower class

colourpencil flower class

Play Video
featured artwork of a colourful watercolour fox painted in the Creatice Community. In the creative cmmunity we paint together and we welcome all women aged 35-60


Start your creative practice from home and at your own pace.

In each of my courses you can look over my shoulder and see in real time what I do.

In each lesson I talk you though my decision making process and most important, I will teach you the creative skills that you need to start making art that is entirely your own.

My drawing and painting courses are for beginners and more experienced artists and each course comes with a list of recommend art materials.

Workshops and Events

I am available for online and in-person events at your venue or in my studio space at Together Culture in Cambridge where I can host up to 15 people.

​I regularly host team building workshops, creative group events, corporate socials and I host art demo's at trade fairs.  If you have an idea of how to work together, please contact me with the details. 

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My Youtube Channel​

On my youtube channel I share behind the scenes of my art business, drawing and painting tutorials, my podcast where I interview other creatives and I host live sessions too. 

It is the perfect place to find lots of my free content.