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Are you ready to dive into your creativity? 

weekly charcoal drawing
Painting and Drawing Courses
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Creativity is so much more than being able to paint or draw. 

Creativity is the energy that makes us express ourselves. 

let me demystify the idea that creativity is reserved for the lucky few. In my classes I show you in a practical and fun way that you too have the capacity to tap into that side of yourself.


Weekly charcoal class

Every Sunday I run a charcoal class over zoom.

we draw from a reference picture and go trough the drawing process step by step. 

We draw a different picture every week. 

Sometimes and animal, sometimes a person, a landscape, building or object. 

some sessions are easier than others but we always practice in a friendly, informal and supportive environment. 

The class runs on a pay what you can basis. 

I use a selection of willow and compressed charcoal , erasers, pencils and blending sticks. you can find my full materials list in each class' description.