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Image by Kasturi Roy

Explore a limited colour palette

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About the course

In this course we will look at limited colour palettes and how they can enhance your artwork! We will look at some famous artworks and how these artists used limited colour palettes to their advantage. To tell the story or set the atmosphere they wanted to share. we will then use these colour palettes as an example to create some artwork of our own. We are not copying the work of the masters but we will be taking inspiration from the colours they used.

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Unlock the world of artistic expression with our course: 'Explore a Limited Color Palette.' Immerse yourself in the beauty of simplicity as you delve into the art of creating with restricted colors. This course guides you through the exploration of a limited palette, offering insights into color harmony, balance, and the powerful impact of restraint in your artwork. Join us on this journey of discovery, where you'll gain a deeper understanding of color and unleash your creativity within the boundaries of a carefully chosen palette
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