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Group Bookings

Irene Ruby, painting with her back to the camera. we can see two easels with watercolour paintings. Irene creates Planet-Centric Illustrations: Created to support conservation initiatives worldwide, this artwork focuses on protecting the diverse plant and animal species that grace our planet. It's a visual ambassador for global efforts to ensure a thriving and balanced ecosystem.

Painting or drawing workshops

I have a large number of Mindful Creative packages available. 

The event can take place in your office, in a pub or bar of your choice or in one of our partner venues. 

I can also run classes Online over Zoom. 

Pricing from £350 for groups for up to 10 people. 

Please get in touch to enquire for specific quotations and requirements. 

I can provide art kits and send these out to participants prior to your event. The price for art kits start at £30 per participant. 

Virtual art - team building activity

I am also available for speaking at your event about finding inspiration, starting a creative business and how making art helps you with creative thinking in the workplace.

Conservation Art for a Better World: These illustrations transcends borders, dedicated to worldwide conservation initiatives. It symbolizes the collective commitment to safeguarding plant and animal species, advocating for a more sustainable and harmonious coexistence globally.
Online Art classes

what people say:

"The class was hugely enjoyable and informative. The teacher was very clear and helpful. I learnt much more than I had anticipated and came away with two paintings which I was pleasantly surprised at how they looked. The venue is above a pub and the room had a peaceful and cosy feel. Very suited to learning. I will definitely be going again."

Embark on a global journey of creativity within our online community of likeminded women learning to draw and making art a daily habit. Our beginner art classes and courses not only foster your artistic skills but also provide a supportive space for those aspiring to become full-time artists. Gain confidence in your art, whether you dream of making a living from it or have already taken the bold step of leaving a corporate job to pursue an artistic career. Join us as we celebrate artistic journeys, from skill-building to the pursuit of becoming a full-time artist, creating a supportive network of women who share your passion for art and life transformations.

"This was a fun and inspiring class - all materials were provided, along with plenty of inspiration, and no experience is necessary. I hadn't painted since school, but before I knew it Irene had me blending colours and creating a work I could be proud of. 

Watercolour paintig of trees

Mindful Gouache Watercolour Painting

Join us for our relaxing watercolour painting workshop.


This workshop is perfect for beginners as we all paint together with step by step guidance. 

we come prepared with an image we will paint together but if you have a specific theme or image you would like to paint together we can try and accommodate this if we know it in advance.

All Workshops

Macrame´ a 
Plant Hanger

learn to make a macrame plant hanger from scratch in this beginners macrame class- no experience needed. 

Macrame is an ancient craft, spread by sailors all over the world. Using a number of knotting techniques you can make beautiful artworks. This workshop is generally more interactive as it is more 'hands-on'.  

Handmade Macrame Plant Hanger
life drawing picture

Life Drawing

Let us know if you would like to organise a life drawing session on location.

We work with a number of experienced models. 

Life drawing is an amazing way to improve your drawing skills and to learn dimensions and proportions whilst sketching.

Make your own Knitted Hat

Always wanted to learn how to knit a hat? We can host a beginners knitting workshop for you on location and show you how easy, fun and relaxing knitting is!

Picture of a knitted bubble hat
Picture of Irene holding a sketchbok with animal pictures in it.

make your own

Always wanted to start a sketchbook journal and not sure where to start?

we can host this workshop on a location of your choice and show you how to take art anywhere.

This workshops comes with lots of practical tips on how to get over the fear of first blank pages, what to do when you mess up a page, lots of ideas to try at home and off course we will also be filling a page together. 

(We can offer various pricing options including a sketchbook for everyone to take home.)

Mindful Charcoal Drawing class

Drawing with charcoal is like modelling clay. As you can shape charcoal on paper after you applied it it is the perfect medium to get completely in the zone.  Whether you like to be precise or if you enjoy more impressionistic drawings, with charcoal you can create many different textures. 

This workshop is perfect for beginners and be warned, you will get your hands dirty! 

Charcoal drawing Owl
someone doing yoga at the seaside

group Mindfulness Meditation

we can host a group Mindfulness meditation  session in your office, at your event or in the outdoors.


Depending on participants physical ability and the location we can do a sitting or walking session or a combination or the two. 

Make your own 
Window Transparent

Window transparants are a beautiful way to bring colour to your home or office. suitable for every level.

We can host a workshop teaching you how to make display of your choice out of paper.

paper cutting window transparent of a deer
picture of a handmade felt slipper

Make your own
Felt Slippers

Learn to make your own cosy slippers! This pattern is super easy for beginner knitters but the results will wow everyone around you. 

You will start knitting your slippers in the workshop and you will receive a worksheet showing how to fold, finish and felt your slippers. 

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