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Fill your sketchbook with Colourful Bold Patterns

Hi my lovely creatives,

During my weekly live sessions on YouTube, I have been working in my bright and colourful mini sketchbook.

Keeping a small sketchbook is so much fun! You can finish the pages a little bit quicker than when you work large, and that also means you won't get bored. (I will list my reasons for using a large sketchbook in another post soon!)

A small sketchbook is often also much more affordable than a large one, and one HUGE benefit is that you can carry it around everywhere without hassle.

Fill your sketchbook with Colourful Bold Patterns:

Underneath this post I share a video where I fill some sketchbook pages. Let’s dive into why a mini sketchbook could become a beloved part of your daily art practice and how you can start incorporating these vibrant patterns into your own work.

Why Choose a Mini Sketchbook?

PortabilityOne of the best features of a mini sketchbook is its portability. Whether you’re on a bus, sitting in a café, or taking a walk, a small sketchbook allows you to capture the moment without any inconvenience. This ease of transport encourages more frequent use, helping you to cultivate a consistent creative practice.

AffordabilityIf you’re experimenting with new techniques or materials, a mini sketchbook is a great way to explore without committing to expensive supplies or intimidating large pages. It’s a cost-effective solution that makes art accessible to everyone, regardless of budget.

Completion SatisfactionThere’s a unique satisfaction that comes with completing a sketchbook. With smaller pages, you’ll fill your sketchbook faster, providing a rewarding sense of accomplishment. This quick turnaround can be especially motivating for those new to the arts or looking to build a habit of daily sketching.

How to Fill Your Sketchbook with Colourful Bold Patterns

Experiment with MaterialsDon’t limit yourself to pencils and pens. Try using markers, watercolours, or even collages to add texture and vibrancy to your pages. The bold colours will pop against the compact pages of your mini sketchbook, making each page a standalone piece of art.

In this video I am using a mini sketchbook and Acrylic paint markers

You can find them here:

Draw Inspiration from Daily Life

Use the world around you as your palette. Colourful patterns can be found everywhere—from the clothes people wear to the designs in nature. Translate these patterns into your sketchbook to develop a keen eye for detail and improve your artistic interpretation skills.

Share Your Progress

Connect with a community of like-minded creatives by sharing your sketchbook on social media. If you tag me in your art with @makingsandmusings I might share your art on my stories.


Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, a mini sketchbook is a fantastic tool to keep your creative juices flowing. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket but big enough to hold all your grand ideas. So grab one today, and start filling those pages with bold, colourful patterns!

Don't forget to check out the video linked below where I walk you through my process of filling a mini sketchbook with dynamic, eye-catching designs.

Happy sketching!


Watch the live sketchbook session here:

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