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Free art class - Drawing a corgi

Download the sketch template here:

Free art class - Drawing a corgi

I hope you enjoyed this Free art class - Drawing a corgi. If you want to do more art with me, Why not check out my creative community membership:

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Explore the artistry through our immersive YouTube tutorials, crafted especially for beginners. Delve into the basics of painting and drawing using an array of mediums, such as watercolours, ink, charcoal, and coloured pencils. Our tutorials cater to your creative whims, whether your passion lies in feminist art, eco-friendly expressions, or body positivity.

But the creative journey doesn't stop there! Showcase your art on our Instagram @makingsandmusings, becoming a part of our vibrant online gallery. Connect with fellow artists, draw inspiration, and display your talents to a broader audience.

Join our inclusive art community today, unlocking your artistic potential. Let's embark on a shared adventure of creation, learning, and growth in the world of artistry!

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