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Drawing Fundamentals: Measuring and Proportions

  • Understanding Basic Concepts

  • Explaining the importance of measuring and proportion in drawing.

  • Introducing the fundamental techniques we'll practice.

  • Techniques for Measuring and Proportion 

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learn to draw in charcoal, step by step

What to expect

For only £90 you will learn all the ins and outs of portrait drawing

11 full portraits in real time tutorials.

15-20 hours of video material.  

You will keep access to all video materials. 

Learn to draw people's faces

This course is for you: 

  • if you avoid drawing people but would really like to feel confident. 

  • If you have always had a longing to draw portraits.

  • If you would like to let go of perfectionism.

  • if you want to try a new art style.

  • If you want to make drawing people part of your art practice.

  • if you want to build a drawing habit and create on a regular basis. 

  • if you don't know where to start and you would like to draw as part of a creative community.

  • if you are looking for a creative, fun and artful month with 30 drawing prompts. 

  • If you want to draw people but don't know where to start. ​

Do I need to be good at drawing to join?
The course starts really easy, no prior experience needed but the four larger portraits are a little harder and it helps if you have some drawing experience there. 

If you are completely new to art, I would recommend to check out my Sketchbook course which introduces you to different mediums and helps you when you first get started. 

What are we making?

In this course you will learn how to draw portraits.

Drawing portraits can be daunting and a little intimidating.  We will use the entire month to practice with lots of different references and techniques and at the end you will be much more comfortable drawing a face. 

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From Doodle to portrait

30 days long you will receive a drawing prompt in the shape of a video, a tutorial or a reference picture.  we start really simple by making doodles and just getting familiar with the human face and slowly we progress towards painting and drawing full portraits. we will also practice drawing eyes, noses, ears and mouths and by the end of the course you will feel much more confident drawing faces. 

Sketch warmup, learn to draw portraits in our online art class
Immerse yourself in the world of expressive portraiture with our captivating course, 'Charcoal Expressions: Portrait Drawing.' Unleash your creativity and learn to draw portraits in charcoal through a comprehensive experience that includes:

Dive into the art of creating 11 unique and detailed charcoal portraits, each telling its own story.
Explore additional tutorials designed to enhance your skills and deepen your artistic understanding.
Utilize step-by-step sketch templates, ensuring a guided and seamless drawing process.
Enjoy real-time video demonstrations, where each stroke unfolds in clarity with no time lapses.
Discover the confidence-building qualities of charcoal, a perfect medium for refining your drawing skills.
Get comfortable with portraiture as you progress through our engaging course.
Join us on this artistic journey where portraits come to life, and charcoal becomes your trusted companion in artistic expression. Enroll in 'Charcoal Expressions' today and elevate your p

With a little Help
You can Draw

What my creatives say

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What Materials Do I need? 

If you would like to draw as part of a fun and inclusive group, why not check out the Makings & Musings Community. 

In the community we draw and paint together twice a month, you will find art tutorials and lots of inspiration. 

The community is perfect if you want to experiment with materials, if you are looking for a reason to make time for art and it is the perfect place to share your work in a safe non-judgemental environment!


Hands on approach

I love a no-nonsense approach to art as the best way to learn is by creating.

we start with quick sketches and I invite you to draw along from the start. 


My goal is to get you comfortable with drawing faces, as people are a never ending source of inspiration!  My hope is that you will carry on drawing people after you have completed this course and that I help you finding your own creative voice in the process. 

How does it work?

During the course you can see what I do as if you are looking over my shoulder. I explain each step I take and you can see exactly what movements I make. 

If you sign up today you will immediately have access to the day one drawing plus all introduction video's. As I do not want to overwhelm you with video's you will get access to a new session every day after for 30 days. 

Share your work

after each session I ask you to share your artwork with me, if you do that in the course I am the only person who will see it and I can give feedback if you like.  

You can also share your artwork in the discussion group where all course participants can see it. (This may sound scary but it's a great step towards sharing your artwork with the world eventually if that's something you want to do.)

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