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Drawing a realistic balloon animal in colour pencils

we are drawing a realistic balloon animal in colour pencils.

practicing the burnishing technique.

Celebrate the realm of creativity with Makings and Musings! Our art classes and lively Zoom sessions are just a click away, priced at only £24.99 per month. As a member, you'll unlock an exclusive treasure trove of classes and workshops, and you're invited to immerse yourself in our interactive Zoom sessions, where you'll master various art forms.

Embark on an artistic journey with our captivating YouTube tutorials, meticulously designed for budding artists. Dive into the world of painting and drawing, experimenting with an array of art materials like watercolours, inks, charcoal, and coloured pencils. Our tutorials are your gateway to creative expression, spanning feminist art, eco-friendly exploration, and body positivity.

But the adventure doesn't stop there! Connect with us on Instagram @makingsandmusings and share your artistry. Become a part of our thriving virtual gallery, a space to connect with fellow artists, draw inspiration, and spotlight your talents for a broader audience.

Join our diverse and welcoming art community today, where imagination knows no bounds. Let's embark on a journey of creation, learning, and growth together


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