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Drawing without Thinking about it, Imagine that!

Imagine Being Able to Draw Without Thinking About It!

Hello, my friends! I am Irene Ruby, and I am so happy you are here with me today. Let's take a moment to imagine something wonderful together. Picture yourself sitting down with a sketchbook and pencil. You start drawing, and the lines just flow. No hesitation. No second-guessing. Just pure, effortless creativity. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, that dream can become a reality!

Drawing without overthinking is a beautiful experience. It feels freeing, like a dance where you are lost in the music. And the best part? You do not have to be a seasoned artist to enjoy this feeling. Whether you are just starting out or have been drawing for years, there are ways to tap into this magical state of mind. Let me guide you through some tips and techniques to help you draw without thinking about it.

Drawing Without Thinking About It!

Before we dive into my tips to find your creative flow I'd like to tell you about my creative community. In the Makings and Musings Creative Community we draw together on zoom 4x a month and there are lots of other activities, art challenges and creative inspiration video's to watch. If you want to get started with drawing and painting, perhaps even start a sketchbook, my Community is the place to be. You can find more info here.

Embrace the Beginner's Mindset

First things first, let’s talk about the beginner’s mindset. Remember when you were a child and drew without a care in the world? You did not worry about proportions or perspectives. You just drew because it was fun. Try to recapture that feeling. Give yourself permission to be a beginner, no matter your skill level. This mindset opens the door to spontaneous creativity.

Let Go of Perfection

One of the biggest obstacles to drawing freely is the fear of making mistakes. Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect drawing. Every line you put on paper is a step on your artistic journey. Embrace your mistakes. They are opportunities to learn and grow. Sometimes, the most beautiful art comes from happy accidents. I know that letting go of perfectionism is easier said than done but it really makes all the difference! Adopting a Beginner's Mindset already helps and just creating lots and lots. when you are new to drawing it's quantity over quality! that way you learn that making mistakes is ok, it's just paper.

Warm Up with Simple Exercises

Before diving into a drawing session, warm up with simple exercises. Scribble on a piece of paper, make random shapes, or draw continuous lines without lifting your pencil. These exercises loosen up your hand and help clear your mind. They are like stretching before a workout—important and effective.

Use a Timer

Set a timer for five or ten minutes and draw continuously without stopping. Do not lift your pencil from the paper. Do not worry about the outcome. The goal is to keep your hand moving. This technique helps you get into a flow state, where your mind is less concerned with perfection and more focused on the act of drawing itself.

Listen to Music or a Podcast

Sometimes, a little distraction can be a good thing. Put on your favourite music or listen to a podcast while you draw. The background noise helps quiet the critical voice in your head. It allows you to focus on the drawing without overanalysing each stroke. Just let the rhythm of the music guide your hand.

Try Blind Contour Drawing

Blind contour drawing is a fantastic exercise to break the habit of overthinking. Look at your subject and draw its contours without looking at your paper. It feels strange at first, but it forces you to trust your hand and eyes. The results might be quirky, but they often capture the essence of your subject in a way that more careful drawing does not.

Practice Daily

The more you draw, the easier it becomes to slip into that effortless state. Make drawing a daily habit. It does not have to be a grand production. Even ten minutes a day makes a difference. Keep a small sketchbook with you and draw whenever you have a spare moment. Over time, you will notice your confidence growing and your mind quieting.

Join an Art Community

Being part of an art community is incredibly inspiring. I know I am bias as I love my community so much but really: You can share your work, get feedback, and see what others are creating. It helps to know you are not alone in your artistic struggles and triumphs.

Experiment with Different Mediums

Sometimes, switching up your tools can spark new creativity. Try drawing with charcoal, ink, or coloured pencils. Each medium has its own unique feel and can push you out of your comfort zone. Experimenting with different materials helps you stay playful and open-minded.

Keep a Sketchbook

A sketchbook is your personal creative playground. Use it to jot down ideas, doodle, and experiment without any pressure. Do not worry about making every page perfect. Let it be a place for exploration and fun. Over time, you will see your progress and have a visual record of your artistic journey.

Reflect on Your Progress

Take some time every now and then to look back at your old drawings. You will be amazed at how far you have come. Reflecting on your progress can be incredibly motivating. It reminds you that every drawing, no matter how small or simple, is a step forward.

Take Breaks

It is important to take breaks and give yourself time to rest. Creativity needs space to breathe. If you find yourself getting frustrated or stuck, step away from your drawing for a while. Take a walk, enjoy a cup of tea, or do something else you love. When you come back, you will see your work with fresh eyes.

Draw What You Love

Finally, draw what you love. Whether it is flowers, landscapes, or portraits, choose subjects that make you happy. When you are passionate about what you are drawing, it is easier to get lost in the process. Your enthusiasm will shine through in your work.

In Conclusion

Drawing without thinking about it is a joyful and liberating experience. It is about letting go of perfectionism and embracing the process. By practicing regularly, experimenting with different techniques, and keeping a playful mindset, you can tap into that effortless flow. Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination. Enjoy every moment of it.

Thank you for joining me on this creative adventure. I hope these tips inspire you to pick up your pencil and start drawing with joy and confidence. If you ever feel stuck or need a bit of encouragement, our online art community is here for you. Together, we can create, share, and grow as artists.

Happy drawing!

Warmly, Irene Ruby

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