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Makings & Musings Podcast ★ Joy Ting from Let's Paint with Joy.

Makings & Musings Podcast. Joy Ting from Let's Paint with Joy. About using art to connect with people, moving from pattern design to teaching, watercolour painting and florals. @PaintingWithJoy

★ Hi my lovely creatives, In this audio-visual podcast I am painting with the wonderful illustrator Joy from Let's paint with Joy. We talk about Joy's journey from starting to paint to becoming a pattern designer to teaching art classes and off course we also talk about art materials, finding reference pictures and making colouring books. Joy creates beautiful vibrant and colourful paintings with lots of florals and for that reason we decided to paint florals together! I love how Joy used lots of different materials in one artwork and I really want to start using my oil crayons more often now I have seen how she combines these with colour pencil and watercolours.

I am sure you want to know much more about Joy:

Let's Paint with Joy:


Other Links:

The music I used is from and the reference pictures are from Unsplash.

Thank you for watching/listening,


★ The Makings & Musings podcast is created by myself, Irene Ruby. I am an illustrator and I teach art classes and courses and I host a vibrant creative community where my creatives join monthly live sessions, drawing challenges, inspiration pieces and where we create together in a safe and supportive environment.

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