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10 reasons why I specialise in illustrations for green businesses

Updated: Mar 21

When I started my art journey I just wanted to get better at painting and drawing and when someone contacted me for my first paid commission I couldn't believe it! Maybe this was something I could do for a living?

For a few years I just took any commission that came my way and although I am happy and grateful for every single one of these jobs, I have learned over time that my illustrations provide the most impact when my personal values align with the project.

When I tell people I'm an illustrator, they usually don't think of being a "green" artist, as a possible niche, but for me, it just makes sense!

why I specialise in illustrations for green businesses:

illustrations for green businesses

Those who know me well, know that I'm super passionate about intersectional issues. When I work on a project that aligns with my values and has a positive impact on the world, it gets my creative juices flowing, and that's when the magic happens in my illustrations.

Creating green/ethical illustrations is a real creative challenge, but that's what makes it so fun! Sustainability issues often require thinking outside the box, and I love coming up with innovative and visually stunning solutions to communicate those ideas.

By choosing green/ethical illustrations as my niche, I can combine my artistic talents with my passion for making a difference in the world. Whether it's for a small community project or a big one that helps people understand something complex like hydrogen fuel generation, I know that I can create meaningful and impactful illustrations that make a positive difference.

When the mission of a project makes my hard beat a little faster, my creativity starts to flow and this is when the magic happens!

And why do green businesses need illustrations? Let me give you some reasons:

Illustrations of wildlife in marker and colour pencil
I love illustrating wildlife

Green businesses are all about sustainability, but sometimes it's hard to get the message across. That's where illustrations come in. Here are 10 reasons why illustrations can help green businesses spread their message and connect with their audience:

  1. Catch Attention: Illustrations are eye-catching and can grab the attention of potential customers. They help green businesses stand out from the competition and draw people in.

  2. Simplify Ideas: Sustainability can be a complicated topic, but illustrations can simplify it and make it more accessible. They can also show how things work and make it easier for people to understand how their actions impact the environment.

  3. Make Emotional Connections: Illustrations can evoke emotions and create connections with the audience. By using images that highlight the beauty of nature or the impact of human activity on the environment, green businesses can inspire people to take action.

  4. Make Info Memorable: People remember things better when they see them visually, so using illustrations to highlight key points can make information more memorable.

  5. Support Branding: Illustrations that reflect eco-friendly and sustainable values can help reinforce a brand's message and make it more recognisable to customers.

  6. Show Real-World Examples: Illustrations can be used to show real-life examples of sustainability in action, which can inspire people to make changes in their own lives.

  7. Cross Language Barriers: Illustrations are a universal language that can be understood by anyone, regardless of their language or cultural background. This makes them a great tool for green businesses looking to communicate their message globally.

  8. Encourage Creativity: Green businesses can work with illustrators to create unique and visually stunning images that capture their message and their brand's values. This can help them stand out from their competitors and build a loyal following.

  9. Leave a Lasting Impression: A powerful illustration can stay with people long after they've seen it, creating a lasting impression that can influence their decisions and behaviour. Green businesses can use illustrations to create a lasting impact on their audience and inspire them to make positive changes.

  10. Illustrations are more Personal than a photo, a great illustration will draw people in and can highlight exactly what story you want to tell.

In short, illustrations are a powerful tool that green businesses can use to spread their message and connect with their audience. They catch attention, simplify ideas, make emotional connections, make info memorable, support branding, show real-world examples, cross language barriers, encourage creativity, and leave a lasting impression. By incorporating illustrations into their messaging, green businesses can communicate their sustainability message more effectively and inspire positive change.

This is why I specialise in illustrations for green businesses, I am as passionate about what you do as you are and through my art I will help you make a positive change!

If you have a project that needs illustrations, just send me a message. I love to hear what you are working on.

speak soon, Irene

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