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Learning to paint at 63: Suzanne’s Journey with Makings and Musings

As the Makings and Musings Community is growing I decided to share some of the art journey stories of my amazing community members.

The first story is Suzanne's, I hope you enjoy reading it and that you will learn that you can start making art at any age!

A Renewed Journey into Art: Suzanne's Story

Meet Suzanne, a vibrant and adventurous 63-year-old woman whose life has been a whirlwind of new places and experiences. Suzanne has lived in many cities and countries, soaking in diverse cultures and landscapes. Yet, amid all her travels, she always carried a longing in her heart: the desire to return to her first love – painting.

Suzanne’s passion for art began when she was a child. Her mother, a talented amateur artist, often painted while Suzanne watched, fascinated by the colours and shapes that emerged from her mother’s brush. Inspired, Suzanne picked up her own brush and found immense joy in creating her little masterpieces. However, as she grew older, life’s demands pulled her away from her artistic pursuits.

Education, career, and the excitement of moving to new places took precedence, and her brushes and paints were set aside.

Learning to Paint at 63: Suzanne’s Journey with Makings and Musings

Years passed, and though Suzanne’s life was full of wonderful experiences, she felt something was missing. Every time she visited an art gallery or saw someone painting, her heart ached to return to the world of art. After her most recent move, Suzanne found herself with more free time and a deep yearning to reconnect with her creative side.

One day, while browsing the internet for local art classes, Suzanne stumbled upon the Makings and Musings community. Intrigued by the supportive and inspiring atmosphere described on the website, she decided to join. It was a decision that would reignite her passion for painting and transform her life.

Discovering Makings and Musings

From the moment Suzanne joined Makings and Musings, she felt a sense of belonging. The community, filled with like-minded individuals who shared her love for art, welcomed her with open arms. Suzanne was amazed by the diversity of the members, ranging from complete beginners to seasoned artists. Everyone was united by a common goal: to create, learn, and inspire each other. Learning to Paint at 63, was it possible?

Suzanne started by attending a few online classes and workshops. The instructors were not only talented artists but also excellent teachers who made learning fun and accessible. They encouraged everyone to experiment with different techniques and mediums, reminding them that there were no mistakes in art, only opportunities to learn and grow

One of Suzanne’s first classes was the Line and Wash course, a perfect blend of drawing and watercolour painting. Under the patient guidance of Irene, she learned how to create delicate ink drawings and enhance them with subtle washes of colour. Suzanne was thrilled with her progress and proud of her first line and wash painting: a delicate rose in soft pinks and greens.

Building Confidence Through Community

As Suzanne continued to participate in classes and workshops, she began to notice a significant change in herself. She was no longer hesitant to pick up a brush or worried about making mistakes. Instead, she felt a growing sense of confidence and excitement every time she sat down to paint. The supportive feedback and encouragement from her fellow community members played a crucial role in this transformation.

The Makings and Musings community was not just about learning; it was also about sharing and celebrating each other’s work. Suzanne loved the regular virtual meet-ups where members showcased their latest projects, exchanged tips, and offered constructive critiques. These sessions were filled with laughter, camaraderie, and mutual admiration. Suzanne found herself inspired by the creativity and dedication of her peers, which motivated her to keep improving her own skills.

One memorable moment for Suzanne was when she shared a landscape painting she had been working on. It depicted a serene countryside scene reminiscent of a place she had visited during her travels. The positive feedback she received was overwhelming. Her fellow members appreciated the painting’s composition, use of colour, and the emotion it conveyed. This affirmation boosted Suzanne’s confidence and reinforced her belief in her artistic abilities.

Rediscovering Joy in Art

Suzanne’s journey with Makings and Musings was not just about building skills; it was also about rediscovering the joy and therapeutic benefits of creating art. Painting became a form of relaxation and self-expression for her. It allowed her to unwind, reflect, and channel her emotions onto the canvas.

One particularly stressful day, Suzanne decided to take a break and immerse herself in painting. She chose to work with acrylics, a medium she found bold and expressive. As she blended colours and created abstract shapes, she felt her tension melt away. The act of painting was meditative, and by the time she finished, she felt rejuvenated and at peace. Suzanne realised that art was not just a hobby; it was a powerful tool for mental well-being.

Embracing New Challenges

With her growing confidence and renewed passion for art, Suzanne began to challenge herself with more complex projects. She signed up for advanced classes, experimented with mixed media, and even dabbled in digital art. Each new challenge was an opportunity to learn and grow, and Suzanne embraced them with enthusiasm.

One of her favourite courses was the Charcoal Portrait Drawing course. Suzanne had always admired the depth and emotion captured in charcoal portraits, and this course gave her the skills to create her own. She learned how to use light and shadow to bring her portraits to life, capturing the essence of her subjects with each stroke.

One of her most ambitious projects was a large-scale mural for her living room. Inspired by the natural beauty she had witnessed during her travels, Suzanne designed a mural that combined elements of various landscapes: mountains, forests, rivers, and the ocean. It was a daunting task, but with the encouragement of her Makings and Musings friends, she tackled it one step at a time.

The process was both challenging and rewarding. Suzanne spent weeks planning, sketching, and painting, often sharing her progress with the community for feedback and suggestions. The final result was a stunning mural that transformed her living room into a vibrant, colourful space. It was a testament to her dedication and the support she had received from Makings and Musings.

Looking Ahead

Today, Suzanne is a confident and passionate artist. Her journey with Makings and Musings has not only rekindled her love for painting but also enriched her life in countless ways. She continues to explore new techniques, create beautiful artworks, and inspire others with her story.

Suzanne’s experience is a reminder that it is never too late to pursue your passions. Whether you are picking up a brush for the first time or returning to art after many years, the journey is always worth it. And with a supportive community like Makings and Musings by your side, the possibilities are endless.

Suzanne’s story is just one of many within the Makings and Musings community. Every member brings their unique experiences and creativity, contributing to a rich tapestry of artistic expression and mutual support. If you have ever felt a longing to create, to express yourself through art, or to find a community of kindred spirits, Makings and Musings welcomes you with open arms.

Join us, and let your artistic journey begin. You may be surprised by the beautiful places it will take you.

Happy painting!

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